Education, Connection & Action: The Keys to Success in Real Estate.

There are three components to our success philosophy at the National Club of Real Estate Investors (NCREI). Some of you who attend our monthly meetings know more about it because we often take time discussing them. But for many others who may wonder about our trinity of Education, Connection and Action, I thought this would be a good time to illuminate.

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Form powerful thoughts that will propel you forward to your goal.

As Emerson once said, “the ancestor to every action is a thought”. You first have an idea; then you have a thought; then you have action. It’s important to see the distinctions among them, for if you try to put them together you will lose clarity. At first it may appear that they are all happening at the same time, but this is not the case. If your awareness is high, you will see where one starts and the other takes over.

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The game of negotiating is a delicate balance between give and take...

The game of negotiating is a delicate balance between give and take, or “reach" and "withdraw.” This concept is a powerful tool not just in sales but also in managing all of our interpersonal relationships.

Let’s say you like someone a lot and wish to date them. If you keep "reaching" for them by constantly trying contacting them, they are are going to loose interest in you quickly. By interrupting the vital balance of "reach" and "withdraw" you’re not giving them a chance to meet you half way.

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