R. Neely - Los Angeles

It pleases me to share a few words about my friend and mentor, Sam Sadat. I’ve been a VIP member of Sam’s investment club for more than 6 years.I have been very successful with his assistance.  He has coached me through three real estate and lending deals.  The best step you can take today to enrich yourself is to become a VIP member.If you’re wondering if the fees are worth it, ask yourself how you’ve done so far. Maybe a new mentor would enhance your portfolio. And the cost to join is small compared with cash flow that Sam will help create.  He charges much less than the national “experts” who don’t even know our market.
Sam is authentic.  Not only is his real estate knowledge solid, he spends a lot of time bring to our attention the psychology of success.  His monthly Forum is as important, if not more so, than the real estate material he covers at the monthly club meeting.
Act now.  It’s the only time you have. Put your money where your dreams are.

R. Neely - Los Angeles
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