The 20/2 Program

The gateway to achieving financial freedom!

  • 60-page Online Manual
  • 15-part Video to teach you how to use the Program.
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My 20/2 plan simply means that you will be collecting 20 rental checks per month in two years. In other words, within two years, you will be the proud owner of 20 units of residential income real estate, no matter where you live in the country. You will learn how to begin with buying your first house with little or no money of your own, or any credit for that matter. Part of this program will entail solid education on how to raise OPM, or other people’s money for your real estate investments. Once you achieve your goal of 20/2, you could consider yourself financially independent. In fact, financial freedom (independence) is a relative term. Here’s the best definition of Financial Independence: The amount of money you need every month to maintain your desired lifestyle without having to go to work. I can guarantee for most people 20/2 will give them a comfortable lifestyle now, and into the future. The reason being is that within 10 years when values have doubled and your rentals are much higher, you will be collecting 20 checks at the beginning of each month, virtually eliminating the need to work for money ever again!

You’ll learn how to buy the first units, fix it for rent/lease purposes, which means going easy and cheap on repairs. You’ll then get it rented or lease optioned for long term holding. Your cash flow will be positive from day one because you’re buying these properties at today’s low prices based on the 1% Rule, which I will explain later. You will repeat this process enough times to reach your goal of 20 properties within two years. In SoCal, the average cash flow in areas we buy starts at around $400 per unit and will reach $700 per unit in two years or less. This scenario will give you a about $14k per month once the process is complete. This is your net positive cash flow and not gross! I believe $14k a month, which is close to $170k annually, will be sufficient for most people to have a very comfortable retirement. Of course, your income will only get better over the years, which is the reason why I call this strategy your ticket to total financial freedom. Oh, if you wish to have a better life style, you can go for 30/3 or 40/4 of 50/5!

In short; you buy, fix, stabilize rent, refi for better terms and hold long term. In time, about 15 years, they're all paid off or near paid off. But rents are steadily growing to support your very comfortable lifestyle due to inflation. All you have to do is to manage your portfolio well and collect your monthly rents. One more thing; if you ever need cash to live off of along the way, you could apply my Hybrid Plan which is simply keeping your best properties and selling the ones you don’t like along the way for instant cash! This would make it possible for you to be a full time real estate investor without having to work at anything else.

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