Where Is Your Energy Going?

These days everyone is looking to find ways to increase their energy and often by resorting to all kinds of extreme measures. I see people ingesting anything from artificial substances in liquid or pill form to vitamins you can get from vaping—all to just eke out a few more hours of energy. The vitamin and supplement industries are thriving mainly because people think they can get more liveliness by downing heavy dosages. Wellness centers that pop up all over the place charge exorbitant amounts for a detox to give you more vitality and verve. Look, I’m not saying these are all bad—although, some certainly are—but what I am saying is there are more natural, organic ways to deal with this epidemic of low energy levels that may not require a substance.

What’s being missed, intentionally or otherwise, is that it’s not by taking more stimulants you get sustained and increased amounts of energy; it's by not allowing your energy to leak or get blocked that you can dramatically increase your vigor and morale. In short, we lose energy every day in certain situations, to certain people and certain events. Below I simply want to share with you my personal research and real-life experiences about energy flows. I’ve been preoccupied with this topic since my college days back in Austin, Texas and in the past few months I’ve been able to compile some of my findings to offer you these practical ways to maintain a steady energy level throughout the day.

  1. Energy is a flow. Flows are subject to leakage and blockage.
  2. Awareness and observation are keys to finding out where you are leaking energy.
  3. Plug the leakage by dropping old patterns and establishing new ones.

I started observing myself and where my energy was going. I noticed certain people, deeds, and words were having an adverse impact on my energy level, so I decided to avoid those trigger points altogether. In doing so, I also changed my overall approach and unhealthy patterns of behavior. In other words, every time the trigger points appeared, I did the opposite of what I used to do.

I proceeded to set up new, strong, supportive patterns in lieu of the old, weak and disruptive ones. The results were miraculous! Almost immediately I felt better and soon afterward I noticed more stability and balance in my energy levels. I had more left in the tank at the end of the day when most people were dragging their feet. I was never fond of taking energy drinks, but I did like certain supplements; however, since this revelation, I stopped the vitamin routine. I now have more energy because I don’t lose it on small matters and my energy level sustains itself.

My conclusions are that we can always improve the quality of our lives by adhering to infallible natural laws. It’s not always by acquiring that we get better; in fact, in the pursuit of success and happiness, it’s almost always better to drop, shed, or get rid of patterns that are holding us back.

You see, we all have perfection in our core. It’s the layers of unwanted stuff we have gathered that hide the truth. To reveal the truth, cast off these layers one by one until you see the real person within. To do this successfully, you need lots of energy. To get that extra boost, follow my plan here. Mix it up with 15-30 minutes of silent mediation and you will amaze yourself with the final product.

By the way, our VIPs learn all this in our continuing education workshops. If you want to learn the best and easiest way to meditate, let us know and we will send you instructions. If you wish to join us as a VIP, click here.

My goal is to help as many people as I can to wake up. The best way to do that is through education and sharing what I know with you. Waking up means recognizing who you are and why you are here.


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